Wood carver sculpts amazing life-like wooden bear with chainsaw

The wood carver on the YouTube channel Vlad Carving has amassed a strong following because of his innovative and groundbreaking wooden sculptures. Using his chainsaw, he creates incredible works of art.

This time, he uses a small wooden bear model to create something hundreds of times larger. He turns an enormous block of wood into a life-size, realistic sculpture of a bear.

He begins with his model, using it as his guide as he draws rough shapes into the large wooden log. He then takes his chainsaw and begins cutting away at the first layer of wood.

Wood carver sculpts life-like wooden bear

He alternates between his chainsaw and an axe, hacking away at the wood and pulling away large chunks to be discarded. Although at first, it seems random, slowly a shape emerges.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. As he continues to cut, remove, and draw new lines, it is clear that the shape and likeness of a bear is appearing in the wood.

From there, he begins to refine his work, now putting away his axe and using the chainsaw in closer spaces, shaping the wood, slicing in texture, and adding the touches that make his work extraordinary.

The legs come through, large and muscular, and the face becomes more defined, with an open mouth and sharp, distinct teeth. He uses his chainsaw to create the appearance of fur. It is an incredible process and beautiful work of art.

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