Woman Adopts Six Special Needs Pups And Now They’re Living Their Best Lives!

Such a loving woman helping these dogs with special needs!

Was a terrific woman to give these dogs a happy home.

Tracey Fowler, Mendon, Vermont does what she loves most all her life, helping dogs who don’t have overly good living conditions.

The Fowler Herd, a group of dogs with special needs and those who tried in every way to be adopted, but still stayed here because they felt their possible eternal home.

Tracey, wanted to make a difference to all the other dogs.
And She has so far adopted six dogs with special needs.

Herd are incredibly connected to each other, they love and socialize constantly. And most important of all, they have all the necessary love and care they get from Tracey.

During snowy winter days, she puts skis on their strollers instead of the ordinary wheels they normally use, so they can still enjoy themselves outside regardless of the snow.

What a wonderful woman. What an incredible and loving person you are!!❤

How wonderful for them to have you caring for them…Thank you for giving these precious animals a new life.❤️❤️❤️
God bless you for saving and helping these precious animals. Prayers for you and all hour furbabies…!

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