Winter is finally over, cows are allowed to graze: their enthusiastic reaction warms everyone’s hearts

Finally the cold and gloomy winter is over and the sunlight of spring warms the pasture on the Dutch farm in this video.

Now the time has come when the herd of cows, which until then have been kept inside the stable, are allowed back into the wild to pasture.

A spectacle full of joy – not only for the cows, but also for a large number of spectators!

The cold winter is over
The cows in this video are used to having to spend the winter in the stable. The herd of cows waits out the cold winter for several weeks and hopes for spring.

As soon as the sunlight appears more often and the temperatures rise, the time has come and the cows can finally go outside to pasture again.

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @CowSignals

It’s not just the farmer himself who is happy about this event – the whole village comes to see the cows move out of the stable onto the farm and is happy with the animals.

A joyful start to spring
At first the cows are hesitant and only take small steps out of the stable. Little by little, however, the animals seem to understand that spring is finally here.

The herd of cows now flows out of the stable doors into the open air with ever greater exuberance and enjoys their newfound space and the warming sunlight.

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @CowSignals

With leaps, sprints and loud calls, the cows show how much they value their freedom and the large space in the pasture.

They are supported in their joy by the cheering crowd, which is at least as euphoric.

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @CowSignals

Sunlight puts you in a good mood – for people and animals
The joy and euphoria of the cows is not only seen by those on site. Viewers on YouTube are also taking part in this joyful event.

Ananthatheerthan4690 comments:

“This explains why natural light, fresh air and space are essential to the mental health of everyone’s life.”

Angel12boucher17 is also happy to see the happy cows and writes about the video:

“Oh my God, they are so happy… my heart is full.”

Would you also like to see particularly happy cows? Then watch the video yourself!

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