Wiener Dogs go Trick or Treating for Halloween mischief

In a special Halloween episode, the #Dogs, Crusoe, Oakley, and Daphne put on their best costumes to go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. They are disappointed to realize that most houses have candy for humans, not dog treats!

Once the dogs see that kids are trick-or-treating, they decide to get in on the action. They wonder if they could get any free treats, so they dress up in costumes and go out in search of dog treats.

One dog wears a poop emoji costume, the other wears a giraffe costume, and the other wears a Spiderman costume. They all run to the neighbor’s door and knock.

The man opens the door and apologizes because he has no dog treats. The dogs thank him and run away, looking for a house with more than just human candy. They run into the two girls they saw trick-or-treating earlier and ask them if they have seen any dog treats from homeowners.

The dogs run over to another house, and the owner is very excited to see them. She goes inside happily and grabs dog treats for them while a dog of her own tells her to not take too many!

Then, she feeds the treats to the other dogs, and they thank her. They get back, but they are unsatisfied with only one cookie, so they change costumes two more times to enable them to get more cookies.

It is a perfect Halloween scheme until the lady spots their tricks and calls their owner to come to pick them up. The owner drives them home and talks sternly with them about stealing, and the dogs seem to learn their lesson.

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