«When he couldn’t save her, he lay down next to her!» The touching story of how a dog did not leave his friend in trouble

Animal rescuers in Ukraine received the news that there are two dogs on the train tracks. Denis Malafeev, who is the brave man in our today’s story, rushed to save these poor creatures.

He took some photos and posted them on his Facebook page. These images quickly spread throughout the network and received a lot of reactions.

Such a touching story that we will tell you now, you have definitely never heard! «I was moved by this couple when it was discovered that a dog was injured and the dog,

that he could not get her out of the rail, he decided to lie down next to him, «said Denis.

All this time, the sounds of trains were heard, but this dog decided not to release the injured dog alone.

This story is an example of how we should treat each other when someone is in trouble! Denis Malafeev, however, saved these dogs and provided the necessary help.

Now these two are in comfort and safety, they are not in danger! We are grateful to this good fellow for acting so bravely and not deciding to leave these creatures in trouble!

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