What to do when your dog brings home a new friend

Dogs are not just man’s best friend; they are best friends to anyone with four legs and a favorable disposition. This video is a compilation of dogs making new friends of all kinds. Cows, bears, groundhogs, whomever the dog finds a suitable companion, and it is too cute.

When a dog brings home a cow, his parents say “no.” But the dog smiles, knowing he will convince his humans to allow the cow to stay. Seeing this pup so confident about this cow coming to live with them is so cute. Dogs and cows are a running theme in the video.

A dog and his little bear cub friend are next. The other dog is in the background, joining in with the excitement. They soon find the cub is “Too aggressive,” and they want to take him back to the woods. It is funny to see the camaraderie between these animals. Another dog and cow are featured. The dog looks so small compared to the hugeness of the cow. The pup runs back toward their home when they realize how big their new “dog” friend is.

Deer and dog make for an unlikely friendship, as a dog brings a deer home with them. The other dog must be standing in the doorway thinking, “Oh no! Do I have to share my treats with yet another dog?!” When a goat follows two dogs, they end up in a truck together. You can imagine it was a fun, wild ride. It does not matter what species it is; dogs are a friend to everyone!

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