Viral video of dog answers math questions like a pro leaves people stunned…

A video of a dog named Scout solving maths problems has gone viral. The clip has left people amused.
You may have seen dogs helping humans carry things, gardening, or even playing basketball with their pet parents. However, have you ever seen a dog having a session of solving maths problems? That is exactly what Scout did with her pet mom. A video shared on Instagram shows how the dog cleverly solves the maths problems and even gets treats for being such a smart girl.

“Maths with Scout. Let’s do fast maths. She’s on a roll and too excited to do maths. I hope everyone is having a great weekend,” reads the caption posted along with the video.

The clip opens to show Scout sitting on the floor in front of her pet mom. She asks her a question, and the adorable pooch answers by tapping her paws. The dog then goes on to answer all the questions correctly. The video ends with her getting a treat from her human.

The video was shared last month. Since being shared, it has gone viral. Till now, the clip has accumulated close to 4.6 million views and counting. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments.

“Such a clever little cutie! God bless,” posted an Instagram user. “Can easily pass the maths exam,” shared another. “She is a mathematician,” expressed a third. “So brilliant,” commented a fourth. “Scout is mighty smart,” wrote a fifth. Many reacted to the video using heart emoticons.

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