Upon purchasing a boat, an unexpected surprise awaits the new owners, bringing joy and wonder to their lives.

We Purchased A Boat And Found Two Small Surprises Inside

A family discovered two little cats inside a boat after purchasing it and transporting it across several states. They hadn’t even opened their eyes since the kittens were so young!

Pistachio and Raisin are now available!

After the family brought the kittens to the shelter, they were placed in a foster home since they were so young and needed round-the-clock care from someone with experience. And it was there that they met their foster mother.

They were only nine days old, but they were starting to respond with the support of their foster mother, kitten formula, and a warm blanket.

These tiny little fur babies, who hadn’t yet opened their eyes, were matched with the proper foster parent who could provide them with round-the-clock care.

“We distinguish them by their fur: the one on the left is curly, so he’s known as Curly, while the one on the right is known as Moe.”

They were still underweight when they were two weeks old, but they were becoming stronger and ready to explore their environment!

Little Pistachio (Curly) weighs 137 grams, whereas Raisin (Moe) weighs 121 grams.

Raisin gives her foster mother a hug. Take a look at those teeny-weeny jelly beans!

The family who had discovered them was anxious to adopt them once they were old enough, and they were given the green light when their spay/neuter operations were completed!

They’ve gone a long way since they were discovered as stowaways, as you can see!

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