Unique looking dog becomes a star on the internet

This dog is ten-years-old. He enjoys spending time in nature to unwind. He resembles all other canines of this breed in appearance. Almost.

It was because of this trait that the dog became a true Internet celebrity. He was born black and stayed that way for much of his life.

But when the dog was nine years old, white spots began to emerge all over his body. ‘He’s a happy, healthy dog with a lot of energy. He’s always willing to accompany you wherever you go. He loves to travel and drive,’ says the owner of the dog.

The dog’s owner decided to make a social media account for him and posted a photo of him sitting next to the dinner table. The image drew the attention of users right away. In a short period of time, the shot received over 32 thousand likes.

People continue to be fascinated by the dog’s captivating look. Since then, the woman has been regularly updating the pet’s Instagram account with updates on his exploits and daily life.

Photos of a joyful puppy with an original color, receive a lot of positive feedback on the Web. The dog has been given various nicknames by internet users. He is known as ‘Old Man’ and ‘Funny Old Man.’

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