Tucker the Labrador Puppy is very happy to meet this new calf…

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Absolutely precious ❤ Little guy is just making a new friend!

He is loving the baby calf!!

When Tucker the Labrador puppy met the newest member of the cattle farm, he was so excited he couldn’t contain himself. The little calf was still trying to find its way, but that didn’t stop Tucker from wanting to play. He bounded over to it and started licking its face.

H/t fb: Heartland Animal Hospital and Vet Services

What a great clip of one of our newest canine colleagues, Dr. Tucker, performing a thorough physical exam on a newborn calf. 😉 After some routine “LAB tests”, complete with little sniffs and tiny kisses 😂🐶😘 it was determined that the calf is in excellent health!

Special thank-you to Dr Tucker’s mom for letting us share this video of him at work ❤️


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