Tom Cruise and Kitty team up for “Top Gun” parody video

OwlKitty returned with a bang; this time, she was a character from Tom Cruise’s famous movie, Top Gun. Like every other time in the past, OwlKitty didn’t let her online followers down. She fulfilled her role in the movie’s parody beautifully.

Tom Cruise and Kitty

Although OwlKitty was popular online as a multi-talented movie star, she was like any other ordinary cat in real life. Her real name was Lizzy, and she lived in Portland, Oregon. This 5-year-old cat loved laser pointers and the taste of cream cheese.

The Top Gun movie parody started with OwlKitty securing her pilot’s helmet before taking off in her fighter jet. When she entered the building with Tom Cruise walking next to her, nobody would believe this was a parody, not the original movie.


At one time in the parody, Tom showed her the thumbs up after starting the fighter jet’s ignition. The way OwlKitty looked at Tom and responded perfectly showed her acting skills.

Tom also made an appearance in the parody holding OwlKitty in his arms. He scratched her body while giving his dialogue, and the cat looked pretty comfortable in his arms.


The way OwlKitty shook vigorously while taking off from the flight deck on the military ship was spectacular. It was as if she was really flying a fighter jet all by herself. The entire parody was beautifully edited, with the cat playing her role like a professional.

The part of the parody where OwlKitty was riding a bike with Tom and playing volleyball with others proved that it had the mind of a skillful editor at the back. Not a single part of the Top Gun parody gave the impression that it was unreal.

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Tom Cruise and Kitty team up for \

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