Tiny puppy wants to bite everyone – how a little girl’s love changes him is magical

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Paola often has foster dogs with her that she takes in until they find a new home. But this little puppy, weighing just half a kilo, was different.

He kept her on her toes, trying to bite everything and everyone. Paola was already worried about how he would find a home like this.

Little puppy only has nonsense in his head

Jack Frost looked like a real sweetheart, his fur reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. But the little rascal also had his downsides: he was a little rogue who got up to all sorts of mischief.

Paola had her hands full trying to do justice to this little whirlwind. Little did she know that a magical encounter would change Jack’s life and personality forever.

Magical moments: The encounter with Ali

One day a gentle voice sounded in Jack Frost’s little universe. His ears perked up and he curiously ran towards the bars that separated him from the voice.

An unprecedented longing filled his little dog’s heart.

That magical voice belonged to Ali, Paola’s little daughter, whose eyes lit up with joy when she saw Jack for the first time.

Every time Jack heard Ali’s voice, he started whimpering and wanted to get through the bars to her.

Feeling the magic that was happening between the two of them, Paola decided to give Ali the task of training Jack and keeping him safe.

“They really belong together! ”

says Paola in this video , in which you can literally feel the love and affection between Jack and Ali.

Ali and Jack grow together

With loving devotion and endless patience, Ali used toys to motivate his little four-legged friend.

Jack enjoyed the moments together with his little trainer, but couldn’t stop himself from nibbling on the blankets every now and then, as if he wanted to snuggle up in them.

Little by little, Jack gained trust in his foster family, and one day when he was sleeping relaxed on his back with his paws in the air, Paola knew that he had finally arrived.

The language of love: A look is worth a thousand words
The looks the two give each other in the video speak for themselves. Here two people have found each other who share a very special bond.

Their bond is a shining example of how loving gestures and true care can change the life of a little four-legged friend forever.

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