This cute dog is named Manga and is still obsessed with the green dragon he first had as a puppy.

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Melania Hawke adopted a puppy in June 2018. When the doggy’s future owner learnt about the dog’s birth from the breeder, she ordered a soft toy online in the shape of a green dragon that was similar to the hero of the science fiction movie.

Everyone is moved by this touching story of the boy’s connection with a real dragon that he unintentionally found in the woods.

The animal received a new friend, whom the dog instantly became devoted to and refuses to part with even now that she has grown into a large adult dog.

Melania claims to have a very independent, lively, and active pet. Her preferred traveling companion when traveling the highlands is the dog.

She enjoys taking long strolls and generally wants to join in with her owner’s activities.

But Manga once more transforms into a little puppy when she is near her dragon.

From birth to the present, Melania took a series of pictures with a cat and her toy to document this tender bond.

‘With her, nothing is the same as it was before. We feel each other so well.’

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