This Cat Was Abandoned Because He Had Feline Down Syndrome, His Life Will Change Forever

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“Down syndrome” in cats, also known as trisomy 21, refers to the presence of an extra chromosome on chromosome 21.

“Down syndrome ” in cats can lead to a number of health and developmental problems.

Some of the most common symptoms include growth problems , difficulty walking and moving around, vision and hearing problems. As well as increased susceptibility to disease.

Down syndrome in cats
Cats with Down syndrome may also have difficulty learning and socializing due to their cognitive impairment.

Furthermore, cats with Down syndrome can live happy and healthy lives if they receive specific veterinary care.

Maverick was a six-month-old kitten with a gray coat . He was then born with an extra chromosome , which means he has “Down syndrome”.

Maverick was a sociable cat, happy and eager to make friends.

Its first owners were not prepared to take care of a cat with special needs.
They decided to take Maverick to the Animal Care Center in New York.

However, the shelter was not equipped to care for a cat with Down syndrome. That’s why they contacted Odd Cats Sanctuary, a shelter specializing in disabled cats.

This cat then arrived at the shelter full of fear and uncertainty. However, he soon realized that he was surrounded by cats with similar problems to his and people who cared about him.

Over time, Maverick began to regain his confidence in humans and make new friends among the other cats at the shelter.

The shelter staff worked hard to give Maverick the special care he needed.
He was given medicine to help him breathe better and exercises to strengthen his muscles. They also gave him a special diet to help him stay healthy.

Over time, this cat’s health improved. His respiratory complications eased and his vision improved somewhat.

As he gained strength, he began to explore his surroundings more and play with his feline companions.

Despite his difficulties, Maverick never stopped being a happy and friendly cat . He was always ready to play and be cuddled. He is indeed a very affectionate cat and always ready to make new friends.

The shelter staff was confident that Maverick would soon find a suitable home where he could receive the love and attention he needs.

That’s when a family fell in love with this cat and adopted him. They then gave him all the love and care he needed. While his former family had rejected him for his appearance, Maverick was given a second chance .

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