They broke all stereotypes: This cat named Perseus and this rat named Philia became best friends

Generally, cats perceive rats as mortal enemies and do not hesitate to make a meal out of them. However, once in a blue moon, we come across instances where these dynamics change. Perseya, the cat, and Filya, the rat are best buddies. These two formed an instant connection when they met one another.

Their human, Irina Kamenskaya shares adorable videos of the two friends on TikTok and they now have more than 100K followers. Perseya and Filya play with one another, groom each other, and also share kisses.

Image Credit & More Info; barsakuzya/Instagram | Tiktok

Sneak a peek at their images for they are sure to brighten up your day.

Irina adopted Perseya when she was a tiny kitten. At the time the cat was conditioned to hunt rats and Irina took a risk when she decided to bring Perseya into a household where there were pet rats.

However, the cat soon adopted to her new conditions and it was a rat named Kuzya that took in Perseya. Sadly, this kindhearted rat died a month after. Irina then decided to buy another rat and named him Filya. Perseya did not hesitate to take over the duty of caring for the one-month-old rat and treated him as if her own offspring.

Filya too was fearless and enjoyed playing with Perseya’s toys. “They would chase each other with teaser toys, especially a fish toy,” conveyed Irina. One day the human mistakenly left the rat cage open and Filya got out. He then spent the day playing with the cats and eating their food. Irina was surprised when she returned home and discovered the rat running around the house.

Filya has now turned 6-months-old and the two best friends spend all their time together. The bond that they share is pure to an extent where Filya runs to Perseya every evening and starts kissing her.

The other two rats barely come out of the cage whereas Filya prefers to be with Perseya. The cat and the rat cuddle together sometimes and Filya loves to bury himself in Perseya’s fur.

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