The most handsome jagսar in the world!(Video)

Adorable,awsome, superb, magnificent . I dn’t know what else can I say about Neron. The pair of them looks so much in love too. In India, we have another famous pair in Kabini forest, the jaguar Saya and his mate Cleopatra and we consider Saya the most handsome.

Wow, these two! Smooches and kisses and paling around together. Obviously made for one another. But sheesh their PDA game is so strong they need to get a room (with a great view out not in)!

A big male jaguar is one of very few animals that could kill a human in an instant without the person even having time to notice it, would be like flicking off a switch. Biting a human skull is like biting through a marshmallow to the jaguar, but the best part is they don’t care for humans at all. A male jaguar would much rather take on a cayman, one of their favourite foods. Jaguars are truly amazing animals.

When I was a kid my father would bring baby jaguars from our ranches and give tome to care for them until they were about 6 months and the zoo people would come in and pick them up. They can truly eat an entire goat per day. Even when babies, their claws are so sharp, you can get a deep cut on your skin from playing with them. I grew up in the State of Para, in Brasil…

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