The moment a rabbit finds out it’s ‘adopted’ and its hilarious reaction melts hearts

In the expansive world of internet fame, Pipkin the rabbit holds a unique charm that captivates audiences worldwide.

He’s not just any celebrity; he’s a fluffy, free-roaming rabbit with a penchant for eating videos and adventure vlogs.

His freedom to explore every corner of his home provides a constant stream of entertainment for his followers, with or without his owners present.

The rabbit having basically unrestricted access to the house is something that keeps viewers coming back each time.

Among the delightful daily antics that keep his fans glued to their screens, Pipkin’s owners occasionally spice things up with playful pranks.

One memorable prank that was equal parts cute and funny was this moment that got almost 40 million views.
It involved a humorous moment of cuddling shared between Pipkin and his owner, which was a slow-build up to one heck of a punchline.

The prank unfolded during a serene moment; Pipkin was napping comfortably in the cozy grasp of his owner.

Wrapped securely, he was the picture of peace until his owner decided it was time to drop some unwanted, unexpected news on him.
The quiet scene was perfectly set for a playful revelation – but Pipkin wasn’t feeling the playfulness.

With a gentle nudge, the owner woke Pipkin, whispering some unexpected news into his floppy ears.

“Pipkin, you were adopted,” he said, sparking what would become a viral sensation.

The sudden whisper transformed the tranquil moment into one of comic surprise, perfectly timed and captured on camera.

Pipkin’s reaction was priceless and became an instant hit online.

His eyes opened wide in a comical expression of shock.
This scene, shared on YouTube, not only amassed over 39 million views but also brought a wave of adoration and laughter from all 39 million viewers. The look on Pipkin’s face, which truly looked like shock, could not have been more perfect.

It’s essential to understand that while Pipkin’s reaction was humorous, he doesn’t grasp the concept of being “adopted.”

Animals like Pipkin react more to their owner’s tones and the timing of interactions than to the specific words used.
To him, the word “adopted” was just another sound from his humans, yet it coincidentally resulted in a humorous and viral moment.

The underlying truth is that Pipkin is deeply loved by his owners, and their pranks are part of their unique way of engaging with their pet and audience.

The playful little banter is the kind you only get when a pet is as beloved as Pipkin.
Each video and playful interaction they share is proof of the joyous and well-cared-for life Pipkin leads.

Pipkin’s virality is also a welcome bit of diversity to the plethora of viral pet videos, most of which are cats or dogs with rarely any rabbits.

This fairly short video tells me that people would pay good money to see more of the life of a rabbit.
Pipkin’s story resonates with many, showcasing the light-hearted and joyful interactions that many pet owners cherish.

Ultimately, Pipkin’s online presence means that there’s a place for rabbits amidst the countless cats and dogs in the viral video market.

Whether munching in front of the camera or becoming the star of a harmless prank, Pipkin remains a beloved figure in the digital world.

His videos provide a cheerful respite in the daily lives of many, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Check out the full hilarious moment in the video below!
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