The Houston Elephants practice yoga 7 days a week to be flexible and healthy.

In Hinduism, elephants are among the most sacred animals. In India, yoga was also created.

So is it any wonder that elephants like practicing yoga so much? Take a look at this image, which shows the largest

and heaviest terrestrial animal in the world performing a headstand. able to perform a headstand?

Elephants at the Houston Zoo stretch in a static or slow-motion manner, similar to yoga, for 30 to 5 minutes each day to help build stronger muscle groups and to stimulate their bodies and minds.

The elephant caretakers at the zoo are able to observe their entire body, from trunk to tail, and assess their range of motion when the elephants are doing their yoga.

They will schedule an examination with one of the five staff veterinarians if something seems strange.

The elephants receive additional treats in addition to their normal diet of roughage, such as whole wheat bread, melons, raisins, or bananas, to help keep them motivated to move.

With the greatest movements of all the herd, Tess, a grandma of one and a mother of four, is about

forty years old and is shown here standing on her head. The 54-year-old matriarch Methai is a little more laid back.

Elephant supervisor Kristin Windle of the Houston Zoo stated, ‘Building strong, positive relationships

with our elephants is critical to providing them with the best healthcare to ensure their well-being is put first.’

We can strengthen that bond by providing positive reinforcement throughout the elephant yoga stretching sessions to help them extend their range of motion

and get their attention on their feet, jaws, and skin. These crucial meetings provide us with a wealth of information about our elephants.

In zoos, the more intellectual the animal, the more care it need. These are Asian elephants, and compared to African bush elephants, they are thought to be more perceptive and clever overall.

As any reader who practices yoga will attest, yoga—whose name means unity—is not only a great way to stretch but also incredibly helpful for mental and emotional strain.

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