Stray Dog’s Reaction When Shopkeeper Feed Him Makes It All Worthwhile

Winy Juan Antonio Enriquez, a shopkeeper, has many customers in the small store he runs in Nuevo León, Mexico. However, there are also some loyal different customers that always show up in the store.

When Enriquez was about to close up the store to go home before one year, a stray dog showed up asking for some kindness. It was obvious that that the dog was very hungry, so, the shopkeeper gave him some food. The dog ate the meal very fast, and disappeared.

Furthermore, the dog knew that Enriquez is so kind, so, he would appear in a random way for the following days and weeks at the shop, and he was always welcomed with meals! Enriquez was then able to gain the dog’s trust.

Enriquez said that the dog allowed him to pet him after more than a month of feeding him! The dog, who named Carlos, starts coming twice everyday to the store — one in the morning, and one at night!

Enriquez was able to catch one of the dog’s priceless reactions when he was given food, and it was so great! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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