Spy Chameleon Drone Calmly Films Adorable Sifaka Lemurs Jumping Around Forest Floor

Being able to watch wild animals in their natural habitat can be mesmerizing. Thanks to a PBS special that features a hidden camera, we’re able to get a glimpse of what Sifaka Lemurs do when no ones around.

Drones have been used more and more in the last decade to capture stunning camera footage on a budget. During the nature series called “Spy in the Wild 2,” the third episode, The Islands, focuses on lemurs hopping around like they’re using a pogo stick.

These adorable creates move left to right with a simple hop along the forest floor. You can’t help but smile when they frolic in the beautiful scenery. This motion allows the flexible primates to smoothly go from hanging in a tree to briskly walking on the ground.

Sifaka lemurs can leap more than 30 feet in one jump thanks to their sturdy legs. Their tails stabilize them, keeping them upright during the pogo process. It’s such a treat to be able to see what these unique critters can do when they’re in their natural habitat.

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