Special needs dog named “Mugshot” (because nobody should be this good looking)

Nikki Carvey from “Road Dogs and Rescue,” based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in medical dogs, disabled dogs, and dogs with different needs. To date, she has rescued 100s of dogs.

One of her foster dogs, named Mugshot, and many other dogs came to the rescue center as surrenders. The minute Nikki saw Mugshot’s photo, she knew she had to foster him. She called him Mugshot because she thought he was a handsome English bulldog with an oversized tongue.

The English bulldog was very mellow and needy. When he arrived, Mugshot was very shy, and he would always lift his paw towards Nikki. So the foster mom started calling the act the paw of love and friendship.

Nikki thought that humans needed to understand the need to extend their hands to each other. Mugshot might look grumpy, but he was actually quite sweet. He was in pretty good shape but was very lazy.

He did not really want to do anything. The paw raising was about as much exercise as he was into. If Nikki took him for a walk, he would look at her as if she was doing something wrong.

He was so lazy that he did not mind puppies chewing on his feet, ears, and face. Nikki started calling them tiny barnacles. Mugshot would just lie down and chill while the puppies played around.

He would follow Nikki everywhere she went. He literally looked at her as a human. Mugshot would just sit there and stare at his foster mom. Nikki felt that the most rewarding part of the rescue was giving these fantastic dogs a second chance at life. Seeing them transform into happy dogs was incredibly heartwarming. Even if they were still sick and needed help, they were still loved at the rescue center.

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