Sparkle the cat Loves Her Ciabatta Rolls

Sparkle, the attractive black cat, is going crazy over ciabatta rolls. She is batting at her feline sibling and sending a clear message that she is the only one getting any of the ciabatta rolls! She plays with the roll like it is stuffed with catnip, rolling on the kitchen counter and biting at it.

Sparkle is one bread-crazy kitty who is not afraid to let everybody know it! She is the ciabatta queen. Sparkle knows that if she has her ciabatta rolls, “everything is right with the world.” She even recounts the story of the first time her parents brought ciabatta home.

The ciabatta spoke to her, and from then on, that was it: she and the ciabatta were destined to be together forever!

Every day was ciabatta day after that. Even though her parents think it is weird, no one comes between Sparkle and her ciabatta. She loves to bat at the ciabatta and knock it off the floor. She is one mischievous little black beauty, as no one in the house was getting to eat the ciabattas.

Her parents tried to give her other bread, but she is not having it! Sparkle thinks croissants are lame, but the ciabattas are her true love. No matter what they do, they cannot trick Sparkle into betraying her beloved ciabatta rolls. Sparkle says, “I want ciabattas all day, every day!” Anyone who comes near the bread will get swatted on the head!

Sparkle will not put up with anyone who does not deserve the mighty ciabatta bread! She even runs into the bag with only a couple of ciabatta rolls left! No one can take her away from this enticing hearty bread!

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