Soothing songbird melodies to lift your spirits and inspire your soul

Songbirds are so valuable to this planet. They disperse seeds, pollinate plants, and eat insects. Many people do not know that songbirds sing to attract a mate; it is also comforting to think they sing for us. This video is lovely because there is no background music, but we can hear the birds singing their sweet song.

Some notable birds are in this video, such as the Eastern Bluebird and the Green Thorn tail Hummingbird. Birds bring tranquility and peace to nature. Many of these birds have brilliant colors and are stunning to look at. The Blue Tit with the bright blue outline and the cheery yellow belly. The lovely turquoise and lime green Bay Headed Tanager.

It is splendid to see them in their natural environment. You will feel like you breathed in the fresh air with them. The small birds are so tiny and perfect. The camera work in this video is remarkable, as you can see them close up so well. You get to hear each charming little chirp, and nothing is more relaxing and soothing than the sound of the songbird. You will also love the Cuckoo, the curious and unusual Cuckoo bird!

There is even a funny little bird called Dipper, and they literally dip down onto the branch like they are going to bend onto their knees, and then they quickly come back up! So cute! The little legs and feet of these gorgeous birds are so fragile and delicate; imagine holding one in the palm of your hand! If you had a stressful day, watching this video will make your heart dance! You will be more relaxed and feel better in no time!

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