Reuben the Bulldog’s Fun-Filled Day: A Tail-Wagging Adventure

The video starts with a bulldog named Reuben with his back turned toward us. Reuben’s mother suggests Reuben go to a coffee shop on his “day off.” However, it is unclear what a day off means for Reuben until he understands that the coffee shop is excellent for hiring people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. When Reuben hears that, he abruptly lifts his head.

Reuben thinks this news is very cool. His mother wants Reuben to go check it out. Reuben wants to go but wants to drive, as his mother drives “too slow,” he says. Reuben walks out into the room, displaying his butt. Reuben is anxious to know what treat he will get at this coffee shop. Reuben is all in when his mother throws a pup cup into the mix.

Reuben’s father wants him to answer his mother. Reuben says, “I’m negotiating!” His father agrees to go, so they await Reuben’s response. His mother tells him to “move that butt!” Reuben wants to sit in front. His father tells him he will not ride shotgun or play with the radio. Reuben says, “Didn’t know we were getting a ride from the fun police.”

They get to the coffee shop and sit outside. Reuben enjoys his little pup cup of whip cream. He spends a lot of time lapping it up. Reuben wants to go downtown and explore. They are walking when Reuben decides he must go potty. They make a stop then Reuben goes to see the water.

Then, they go to PetSmart. Reuben is seen trotting happily through a sea of dog toys. Reuben wants everything in the store! Reuben goes home to play with his new toy. A great end to a fun adventure and a wonderful day off!

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