Rescue Puppy Frσm Little Pσσr Life Tσ The Queen

This baby girls is just one and half month old , born with disable on two her hind legs . Her conditions are very bad ,as you can sell all her body is mange and dirty , his stomach is bigger than normal .

The blood test result ; white blood cell is very high, infection in her blood .

very low red blood cell, only 17% , she need to have medicine to make her blood cell get higher. Her liver and kidney are not working normally. She needs to be treating for blood parasite .

Day 9 : Ava is being treated with the vet for her blood parasite and mange .Her skin is getting better and she is more active . She tried to walk on her left hind leg and stand on 2 her hind legs.

Day 13 : I need to bring her to check with the vet and X-ray to see her bone .Ava , fecal chacking up and checking her temperature.

From her blood results and X-ray : She has pattela luxation for her both hind legs…need to surgery when her health is getting better, enough to do operate.She also has hypo-proteinemia,anemia ,and ascites. she need to treat for all these first . Red blood cell still lower than normal only 25% from 35%

She has not a good nutritions,she need to have more protein and vitamin.

Day 19: the vet said it will take about2-3 months to treat her until her sking is more mange and no amy infection and wait her health get better.

Day 22: Ava stomm br boarding at the vet until she get better from her skin problem .

Ava looks more healthy and happy now and she start moving and playing. Avter more then 1 month Ava is growing up she is quite tall now.

no more smell on her skin. her woat is very silky and soft . she is very friendly and playful….She can walk and jump very good even she has a splint in her leg.

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