Puppy with Deformed Face Rejected by People Has One Wish

Arrow, a small dog, had a difficult and heartbreaking start in life, as evident from his videos and pictures. Anyone who saw him in his depressed state as a puppy would have thought he was destined for certain death.

However, fate had other plans for him, as he found true angels as parents who accepted his deformity, which was shocking to many, and loved him just the way he was.

Arrow suffered a traumatic aggression from another dog, which left him in a pitiful condition when he arrived at the doorstep of animal rescue organization PMM Rescue Inc. as a baby.

It was discovered that his jaw was terribly broken, likely from the severe bite he received from the other dog. Sadly, his lower right jaw was beyond repair as it was necrotic and severely infected, emitting a rotting corpse-like smell. The only option left was to remove the dead bone, which involved cutting off part of the upper right side as well.

Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California, performed Arrow’s delicate and lengthy surgery, refusing to leave until he had saved the puppy’s life and provided dedicated care.

Although the attack had irreversible consequences on Arrow’s face, it did not dampen his personality, which remained bright and bubbly since he was little.

Five months after the surgery, the puppy with a different face was the happiest he could imagine. Not only did he recover beautifully, but he also found true love with his new family. His story went viral thanks to a heartwarming video that showcased his sad beginning but, above all, highlighted the warrior spirit and the creature of light he had become, thanks to the immense love that surrounded him at all times.

Arrow loves to eat, play fetch, learn new tricks, and make a mess while drinking water. However, his favorite activities include snuggling, giving slobbery kisses, taking naps, sleeping in a little longer in the mornings, and accompanying his parents on long evening walks.

Most of all, he loves waking up next to his human father in his large bed, regardless of his physical defects and limitations. Despite being 2 years old now, Arrow has never left his parents’ side, and his family adores him just the way he is.

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