Puppy brings his favorite toys to his tortoise friend everyday(VIDEO)

Almost a year ago, a tiny puppy was brought to his forever home by his mother. The dog was named Skippy. The pup became a “spark plug” when he entered his new home. He was very excited and loved his new home.

Skippy’s new family also had a tortoise at home named Tilly G. When he met the tortoise, they clicked immediately. Both shared a unique bond and couldn’t wait to meet each other. Skippy and Tilly G also loved to spend time together.

Skippy loved sharing his toys with his tortoise buddy and would bring Tilly G a new toy daily. It would either be his squeaky toy or a stick. They were like kids together. Every morning Skippy would do a little “booty dance” for Tilly G.

That was Skippy’s way of expressing his love for Tilly G. He would get delighted every time he met the tortoise. It was as if Skippy had met a long-lost family member whom he didn’t meet for a long time. The dog would give kisses, head rubs, and pets to the tortoise.

Skippy and Tilly G shared an inseparable bond from the very beginning. The dog would always love to meet the tortoise; surprisingly, the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, Tilly G had a very tough start in his life. He had a cracked shell and lived in a cage. Thankfully, he was rescued by the Humane Society.

Fortunately, Tilly G overcame his miseries and had his bestie in the form of Skippy. Soon, their friendship blossomed. The two were always looking for ways to be together. Their connection had become an inspiration for their mother.

Skippy and Tilly G meant everything to their mother. Their friendship represented unconditional love. Skippy and Tilly G were each other’s world and meant everything to their mother. They were also their mother’s heart.

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