Personality Test: Why Don’t Dogs Like Me?

Don’t get down on yourself! If you aren’t feeling the love from a pet, there could be more than one reason why

You’re walking down the street and stop at a red light. Next to you, a person is on a walk with their pet. You want to do something cute to the animal, but he is indifferent or, in the worst of cases, growls or barks at you. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, it’s the same with every animal that you encounter on the street. Why don’t dogs like me? That is the question that many people, just like you, ask themselves. We are going to tell you the reasons in this article.

Why don’t dogs like me? Is there something wrong with me?
Perhaps someone has told you that it’s a question of karma, or even the aura or soul. However, it hasn’t been proven that this is case. Dogs can judge us for other issues and decide if they like us or not. It doesn’t have anything to do with our behavior as a person or anything like that.

Those that wonder why dogs don’t like them can set the blame aside and pay attention to these main reasons:

1. Something about you unsettles them
It could be the clothes that you’re wearing, if you have glasses, if you have a beard, if you speak too loudly, if your jewelry makes noises, or if you need a wheelchair or cane to walk. All of these things, even wearing a hat or high-heeled shoes, can unsettle animals. The same thing happens with dogs that distance themselves from children due to their size or quick movements. If the animal has been socializing with all types of people throughout his life, then he shouldn’t have any problems with anyone in particular.

2. You remind them of someone from their past
Of course dogs have a memory, especially if they had a very bad past. Maybe you have thought that dogs don’t like you because you’re a bad person. However, it could be because of something in the dog’s life or history. For example, some don’t like tall men, others don’t like thin women, and there are those who feel uneasy when they see someone with a stick in their hand, etc. Remember that our furry friends don’t forget life events, and they can connect you to someone that abused them when they were young.

3. Your body language is threatening
Dogs don’t have problems with people “just because.” They constantly try to defend themselves and to be alert to dangers that await them. If you approach them shouting, making gestures, or knitting your brows, they will interpret it as if they have done something bad or they are about to be punished. Whereas if your attitude towards the animal is more open, receptive, and very casual, he will feel more at ease with you.

This also happens with those people that are afraid of pets. Dogs can smell fear, or better said, see it in a person’s posture (or the posture of any other species).

4. They want to protect their territory
If you have ever wondered why dogs don’t like you and you haven’t found an answer that satisfies you, maybe you should change the question: what do I provoke in animals? Dogs can be very territorial and protective of their loved ones. Therefore, if you get close to an animal that is with his owner, his reaction probably is to make sure that you don’t hurt the person that he is protecting.

There are even cases of dogs that treat people badly because they are jealous. For example, if they feel threatened by or if they have to share their owner’s love with someone else. Have you ever heard about dogs that hate their owner’s partners or babies because when they come home, their owners stop giving them so much attention?

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