People Celebrating Over Rediscovery Of Rare Pygmy Possums Feared Erased By Bushfires

Termination can be a quite terrible situation for organic beings.Simply picture hundreds of years of giving genes only to have your types completely wiped off the face of the planet.

We thought the pygmy possums came to be extinct as a result of a bushfire. Nevertheless, recent discoveries showed that the species has resurfaced thanks to the aid of wild animals officials.

The news was made by the Aussie conservation team, Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, which was able to observe an actual pygmy possum in the wild.

The pygmy possum was thought to be vanished for the last year or so, ever since the Australian bushfires in 2019-2020. These bushfires proved to be devastating and created so much damage, actually, that it almost ruined about 50% of the entire Kangaroo Island

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