Pair Of Abandoned Pups Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Side While Waiting For Help

The other day, a woman in Southern California spotted two dogs curled up together on a street corner. She asked nearby residents if they recognized the dogs, but nobody claimed them. So, she called Logan’s Legacy dog rescue for help.

“Apparently, they had been there for about a week,” Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, told The Dodo. “All the neighbors said that they’d just show[n] up.”

The Good Samaritan told Hall that the two pups — a pit bull and a Yorkie-mix — were inseparable. Sure enough, the rescuer found the unlikely duo snuggling together later that day.

“When I first pulled up, they reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the movie ‘Twins,'” Hall said. “They were just little partners in crime.”

Hall could tell that the dogs were heartbroken and clinging together for comfort. But, as she approached them, their demeanor changed instantly.

“I got out and started talking to them, and they were so excited,” Hall said. “They looked at each other and started wiggling their tails as if they were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, somebody did come for us. Look, somebody’s here!’”

As with most of her rescues, Hall assumed she’d have to lure each dog into a humane trap. But the tinier pup didn’t need any coaxing at all.

“The little one just ran up to me, and then the little pittie came running right behind her,” Hall said. “I got the little one first. She let me pick her up! She just wanted love.”

As soon as Hall had the little girl in her arms, the pit bull immediately followed suit.

“The pittie was more skittish at first, but when I picked up the little one, all the pittie wanted to do was be with her,” Hall said. “That’s when I knew that I had them.”

Hall carried the little dog to her car, then turned her attention to the pittie. To her surprise, the pittie’s nose was already pressed against the car window, peering in at her best friend.

“She kept going up to the window, and they would just wiggle their tails at each other,” Hall said. “I tried to get the pittie on a leash, but she wasn’t letting that happen. So, I finally opened up the door, and she just jumped in.”

The pittie literally leapt at the chance of being reunited with her best friend, and both of the pups were ecstatic to see their soulmate again.

For the dog’s safety, Hall placed the pittie in a large crate in the back, but the dogs refused to be apart.

“The next thing I knew, the little one was trying to get into the big cage with the pittie,” Hall said. “So, I finally put them together. And when they knew they were safe, they just cuddled again and fell fast asleep.”

Hall named the pittie Thelma and the Yorkie-mix Louise after the infamous best friend duo. She drove them to the vet, where they received side-by-side checkups.

Luckily, the two little ones passed their vet checks with flying colors.

“Louise is so matted, so she’s gonna get groomed,” Hall said. “And Thelma has a skin rash, but we’ll get that all cleaned up.”

With all the TLC they’re getting at Camino Pet Hospital, Thelma and Louise are on track to a speedy recovery. They’re currently looking for a loving foster family or adoptive home, and they’re hoping to stay together forever.

“They have to be together,” Hall said. “They are so in love.”

Hall hopes to see Thelma and Louise snuggled up in a cozy home soon. Until then, she remains comforted by the fact that, even in the most heartbreaking circumstances, the girls’ adorable bond never wavered.

“This was one of my favorite rescues ever,” Hall said. “You could just tell that they were best friends.”

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