One side of the boy’s body was paralyzed, and the doctor advised him to get a dog that could help. Photo:

Everyone was shocked, because they didn’t believe it could really help! The dog really helped the baby, and her health only improved! The parents lost faith and didn’t even think that everything could change after buying a dog, which became a real find. The woman has three children: 2 girls and a boy, who was born prematurely and ended up in intensive care.

After this, he suffered many health problems and half of his body was paralyzed. What the parents went through during these long three months while the doctors tried to save the child. Then a neurologist told them to get a chow chow or Labrador dog. The mother was against it, because she has three children, and the only thing missing from complete happiness is a dog.

True, the doctor made it clear that she did not advise buying a pet, but ordered it. Subsequently, they finally bought a chow-chow, a 3-month-old girl. The older children simply did not understand with happiness, but the dog was more interested in the sick baby. She wanted to play with him and chewed on him! The parents were surprised, because the dog was gnawing on the paralyzed side of the child.

The masseuse, seeing the consequences of such a game, said that the child should not have two massages at the same time, and when she found out that the dog had done it, she refused to come again. She said she couldn’t compare to a dog.

After all, the dog gets a real acupressure massage. Six months passed, and for the first time the baby reached out with both hands to the dog, which had been nearby for more time. Now the child is over 2 years old and moves well! And the doctors are shocked by this therapy! Have similar cases happened to you in your life?

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