Old dog named Gertie wants 1,000 hugs before she dies

Up here, we may not be detectives, but we can recognize patterns when we come across them. In previous conversations, we’ve discussed a few instances where dog owners have created bucket lists for their terminally ill, elderly, or dying pets. These lists aim to give the dogs special experiences and fond memories in their final days. However, it is my belief that bucket lists are not as crucial for pets as they are for their human owners. For the latter, these lists can provide a positive distraction in times of distress, and the idea seems to be quite beneficial.

One such heartwarming story involves Gertie, a 14-year-old senior dog. Gertie and another dog were abandoned by their owners at a McDonald’s parking lot when she was only 12 years old. The other dog, already fragile and old, was at risk of being euthanized. Fortunately, a kind woman stepped in and took both dogs under her care. Now, as Gertie’s health declines with age, her veterinarian believes it is time to consider euthanasia. However, her owner wants to make her remaining time special and has set out on a mission to give Gertie 1,000 hugs before she passes away. This extensive list of wishes is everything on Gertie’s bucket list, and her devoted owner is working tirelessly to fulfill her dog’s desires.

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