Newest K-9 Falls Asleep On Police Chief’s Desk During Swearing In Ceremony

The first day of work is stressful for everyone. You don’t know the ropes and hope your co-workers will like you. But this little guy was so chill on his first day, that he fell asleep on his boss’s desk during his most important meeting.

It was Brody’s first day on his most important job. Perhaps it was his age, or he was just so cute he thought he could get away with it. But, when it came time for the most important moment of his first day, he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the Chief of Police’s desk.

But no worries, the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, was very understanding toward their cutest new officer, a 12-week-old chocolate lab who is serving as the department’s therapy dog.

It was only his first day of work, so he probably didn’t yet know that desks are not for napping. Or perhaps he had first-day jitters and didn’t sleep well the night before. Whatever the reason, Brody was very tired and fell sound asleep during his swearing-in ceremony.

While his fellow officers were busily conducting his swearing-in, he simply closed his eyes, and off to dreamland he went. Blissfully unaware that important police business was taking place and he was at the center of it all.

The adorable pup just closed his eyes and fell asleep right in the middle of the workday. “We put him down on the desk and he was just so comfortable that he laid down and fell asleep,” Officer Keith Medeiros, Brody’s handler said.

Brody most likely needed a good nap. After all, he’s a very busy puppy with a very important job. “He plays really hard, and he sleeps really hard,” Medeiros told The Dodo. “When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, which is kind of tough because he sleeps a lot.”

But Brody needs to rest while he can because he will be very busy in the future and has a lot to learn. He will be involved in activities with the town’s schools. “We’re very excited for Brody to meet the people in our community and we’re very excited for him to meet the students in the Bristol-Warren Regional School District,” Medeiros said.

Brody is adorable and is sure to do his job well when he grows up and needs fewer naps. He will also help enhance community efforts, as well as reduce stress and anxiety for both witnesses and investigators, according to the police department.

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