New Puppy Steals the Show on Downton Abbey

‘Downton Abbey’ is a celebrated TV series that perfectly fits the binge-watching craze of current viewers. This perfectly addicting series features memorable characters and compelling drama.

In Season 6, Episode 7, Robert Crawley is given the charming gift of a new puppy! Robert and his wife pull up to a large house in their car, and a man stands at the front waiting for them.

He says, “Hello, Carson. Mrs. Crawley has been in the library, my Lord. She’s been in there for some time.” He says she is eager to see the couple who hastily approach.

They walk through the large doors, and Mr. Crawley walks into the library with his wife trailing behind and says, “Isabelle, I hope we haven’t kept you waiting for hours.”

They talk about how their cousin has left for France, and the mother blames herself due to an argument they had. Mr. Crawley reads the note from the cousin, and he says, “Nothing much. She just needs a change of air, and Sprat is bringing a present by way of goodbye.”

The butler walks in and says that Mr. Sprat arrived with the gift. They walk over to the servants’ hall where he resides. Mr. Crawley says to Sprat, “What is it? What is your big surprise?”

Sprat says the woman picked it herself, and he backs away, and Mr. Crawley smiles big and opens his arms after he sees a puppy dog on the table. He greets it and pets it joyfully, saying, “Now, what are we going to call you, eh? I know, Teo!” Sprat tells him the dog isn’t trained yet, and Mr. Crawley says he doesn’t care as the dog licks his face.

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