Monkey snatches bag full of Rs 1 lakh, climbs on tree. And then…

Chaos broke out in Shahabad in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district after a monkey climbed up a tree after stealing a bag containing Rs 1 lakh in cash from a man’s motorcycle.
By India Today News Desk: It came apparently looking for food or something interesting. And it struck gold when it got its hands on a bag containing Rs 1 lakh and climbed on a tree. This is the story of a monkey who briefly became a ‘millionaire’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur.

The monkey was caught on camera stealing a bag containing Rs 1 lakh in cash that was attached to a motorcycle of a man who came to the registry office for a sale deed in Shahabad on Tuesday.

The man, Sharafat Hussain, who lives in Delhi, had parked his motorcycle and sat on a bench to keep a record of his accounts. As he was engrossed with his activity, the monkey arrived at the scene and started searching for something in the bags of the parked motorcycles.

It then found Rs 1 lakh in cash kept in Hussain’s motorcycle bag and dashed off with it.

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