Meet two adorable miniature horses as they battle their way through the game

Teddy Bear is a young and adorable miniature horse and, by all indications, likes playing a lot. On a sunny afternoon, Teddy is in a playful spirit and is seen pestering Salem, an older horse, to join in.

Miniature horses are liked and loved by all, especially small children who might be frightened or lack the confidence to handle a large horse. They best suit families having the elderly and the disabled.

Because of their small size and short stature, these gentle animals make excellent pets. Their intelligence and calm temperament make them versatile in the show ring, conformation, and jumping classes. This proves their popularity among spectators.

These miniature are well defined as small, sound, well-balanced horses falling within the set standards in the book of rules. They also show refinement and femininity in females, and boldness and masculinity in males.

Their origin is traced to them being selectively bred and descendants of welsh pit ponies or Shetland ponies. This was done in Europe and where they were reared and bred for royalty.

Miniature horses grow up to 90% of their adult height by the time they are one year old. A pregnancy takes about eleven months before a baby is born, the same time as an adult horse. Babies are nursed by their mothers up to 4 or 5 months before they are weaned.

Teddy, the dark bay-colored horse, won’t stop playing and is seen running and chasing Salem around the paddock. She tries to bite the elder horse’s mane and would like to engage in a fight, but Salem is patient enough to allow her to triumph in her conquest.

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