Meet The Rare Creature Peоple Are Calling ‘The Mоst Beautiful Hоrse In The Wоrld +Seven Pics..

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with its abundance of outstanding beauty.

This is no exception, meet the Akhal Teke horse, dubbed the ‘worlds most beautiful horse.

Native to Turkmenistan in Asia, these stunning creatures are best known for their shiny ‘metallic’ coats.

Their shiny coats which can reflect and refract light just like metal are due to their genetics.

Their ‘shiny’ coats are due to the ‘hollow’ hairs which create a prism for light to travel through.

The Akhal Teke horse comes in many different colors, but the light reflection looks more majestic on the lighter colored horses.

This species of horse is amazingly athletic meaning they are good for sports and long rides that may require a high level of endurance.

With only around 6,000 of these gorgeous horses in the world, it’s no surprise the Chinese refer to them as ‘horses from heaven.’

They are so loved in their homeland of Turkmenistan, that exporting this horse out of the country could land you the death penalty.

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