Mare has been living in loneliness for years – her reaction when she meets other animals brings her to tears

In a lonely pasture lived an old mare named Gidget. She had only known a life of solitude and had not seen anyone for at least ten years.

She had lived with her owner for 17 years, who could no longer care for her in his old age.

All he could do for her was throw her oats down the feed chute.

Gidget’s life was about to change

One day, news of Gidget’s fate reached the Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary, run by a loving woman named Jonell.

Another animal welfare organization had informed them about the now 29-year-old mare, who was looking for a happy home for the rest of her life.

When Gidget finally arrived at the sanctuary and got off the trailer,

“her eyes lit up , ”

describes Jonell in the video.

She was overjoyed to finally see other animals and people again!

Her soulmate was waiting for Gidget

Jonell had expected Gidget to make friends with other horses.

But much more happened – she found an unexpected soul mate in a little pony named Peggy.

Peggy had also led a lonely life, so the two horses formed a special bond and wrote their own fairytale story.

According to Jonell, when Gidget was around Peggy, she always made soothing noises.

Jonell knew Gidget didn’t have long to live and made sure her final days were celebrated beautifully.

For their 30th birthday there was a very special day with party hats for the two friends Gidget and Peggy.

So two lonely souls in the middle of a green meadow finally found the happiness that had been denied them for so long.

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