Maine Coon Kittens First 100 Days of Life. Watch them grow!

A proud Maine Coon mother cat named Luna has just given birth to adorable Maine Coon kittens Idun, Thor, Freya, and Grim. The video starts with her cleaning and protecting her babies, and when the four kittens snuggle together for warmth, mom never lets her loving paw be too far from their reach. The music in the background is soothing to the heart and soul.

There is a camera shot of two of the kittens cuddling in the beginning, which is exquisite and perfect. Luna does such an excellent job with her kittens, and it shows. The kittens start to grow up, and they are curiously exploring their world.

Each kitten is unique and has their special markings. Freya is so pretty with the orange stripe down her forehead, it is her gift from her father, and Thor is the spitting image of his mother—so much cuteness in one little package.

Maine Coons have distinct features, and these kittens will be beautiful like their mother. The way Luna cuddles with them is “pawsitively precious,” and it emphasizes the point that animals are such caring mothers. Seeing the kitten’s lives from babyhood is a treasure, and it is magical to see the siblings develop close bonds with one another.

Watching them all discover food together for the first time after they are weaned from their mother is so sweet, and they even clean themselves in unison. The ginger cat’s father is just as pretty as the mother, and watching the feline family playing together is fun.

The best part was at the end when they all saw snow falling for the first time. This video is truly touching. It is genuinely a pleasure feeling like a part of these babies’ growing process, from drinking their mother’s milk to the scratching post.

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