Loyal and heroic dog; A touching story about a dog who brought food for his master every day

Ivan was a crane operator at a building centre. A day, after other hard working day, the man made a decision bypass home, as he was so tired and walked along the path that led through the yards of many houses. And after that he detected that a dog came after him.

When looking at the animal it was obvious that it lives in the streets.But the man was astonished that the dog was delivering a package in its teeth. From this timr they were strolling beside each other till the man came home. Ivan rapedly set about making food for himself at home, as he was so hungry. At that moment he looked out of the window and saw the dog under his window that came with him all the road. It had a sad appearance. It was obvious that he was not happy.

It was noticeable that the dog was very hungry and thirsty, so he decided to give something to the dog. He gave bread and sausages. He fed the poor animal.Ivan made a decision to look at the behavior of the poor dog. To his amazement the dog put the food in a package and went away.

After three days Ivan met the dog .The dog came to Ivan’s workplace.When the man walked up to his floor, for another portion of food to give the dog, it was waiting for him at the entrance of the building. Ivan gave bacon and bread to the dog. The dog put the food at his bag again as he did the last time.

The man made a decision to put all the food in a bag and come after the dog the next time. They were strolling nearly a kilometer . At that time the dog turned to the underpass. on the steps of which an old man was sitting.The dog gave the bag full of food to its owner, who shared its the food in half. He gave half of it to his best and loyal friend.

The dog’s actions attracted Ivan’s the attention Ivan a lot. The dog helped its owner as he was in a terrible situation in his life.

This a proof that dogs are real friends as well as loyal and friendly. Let’s share this story in order your friends also know about this story.

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