Lifesavers in action – this is how determined a couple is to get desperate dogs out of killing stations

Many dogs are euthanized every day because they have little chance of being adopted. But married couple Tracy and Scott Whyatt want to change that.

The couple has a brilliant idea and gives thousands of doomed dogs a happy life.

The emotional getting to know the dog and owner

The couple decided to help unloved and unwanted dogs in animal shelters.

With their organization Tracy’s Dogs, they rescue dogs from overcrowded animal shelters, give them a second chance and place them in new homes.

To do this, they partnered with PetSmart to create a place for the rescued dogs and their new owners.

The moment the 32-foot trailer door opens and the owners see their new dogs for the first time is heartbreaking.

As the four-legged friends are welcomed into their new lives, tears of joy and gratitude cannot be stopped.

Over 3,700 rescued dogs find loving homes

Since founding in 2011, Tracy and Scott have rescued and rehomed over 3,700 dogs.

Without their help, these dogs would have had no chance of survival.

Tracy’s Dogs’ work is inspiring and impressive.

With their dedication and love for dogs, they have already given countless furry friends a new life.

Tracy and Scott are true role models for animal lovers and show how compassion and commitment can make a difference in the lives of dogs.

Watch the emotional video now .

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