Kitty and doggy are best friends.They go pumpkin picking and enjoy the sweetest photoshoot of all time

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They’ve been unrecognizable since the first time they met.

‘Cleo is a genuinely understanding and sensitive dog, and Callie acts like a doggy,’ Meghan, the pair’s mother, said.

‘Callie likes to accompany Cleo and me wherever we go, so we bring her all the time! ‘ Callie enjoys walking on her rope and going on adventures with her sister, and they visited a pumpkin farm.

‘They were both excited and needed to get out of the truck to start inspecting when we arrived at the pumpkin fix,’ Meghan explained.

‘Cleo wailed, and Callie meowed. We chose a peaceful farm where they’d both enjoy sniffing around alone.

‘ As the closest pals wandered around the pumpkin ranch, they made a couple of significant attempts — and the results are astounding.

Cleo and Callie haven’t been best friends in a long time, but they’ve recently gotten incredibly good at taking pics together.

They were so pleased to present alongside since they like being close to one another. As long as as they’re together, almost nothing else matters.

What a wonderful and everlasting friendship, isn’t it?

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