Huge puma on terrace scares woman: How her little dog reacts is unbelievable

Suddenly a particularly stately puma appears on a woman’s terrace.

This sits in the room behind it. Her fear is evident in her excited breathing and nervous voice.

But she is not alone. There is another puppy and his reaction to the stranger is simply surprising.

Dash, Dash, Dash,…
The little fur nose’s name is Dash. The woman says this name so often, as if it were a training session where Dash is supposed to learn his name.

She tries unsuccessfully to get him away from the patio door in this way.

Although it is closed, it is made of glass and, judging by the woman’s voice, not safety glass.

Cinema screening for the furry friend
Dash, who is perhaps a fifth the size of the cougar, shows his emotional state with his tail, which happily wags back and forth.

Excited, Dash almost presses his nose against the window.

He seems to think of the mountain lion as some kind of cinematic performance for curious dogs and doesn’t want to miss a second of this exciting film.

Meanwhile, the woman wonders out loud whether the cougar can see her or whether his own reflection prevents him from doing so.

Then the big cat tries to reach the dog with its paws. This doesn’t work because of the glass. But it’s still amazing how cool the little one stays.

Hey, come back!
Finally the cougar gives up and runs away. Only now does the little dog get into action.

He is obviously disappointed that his private cinema performance with the cougar is already over.

Barking loudly, he asks him to come back. Unfortunately, the cougar has other plans.

“I love that the woman is more scared than her little dog , ”

writes user Procope Films in the comments. He is undoubtedly right. Check out the fearless pooch for yourself in the video now!

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