Hidden Camera Catches Cat Stealing Toys

Batman, the Munchkin cat, loves his toys. He steals his human sister’s toys and gifts them to his human mom. He would leave them in random places around the house; no one could figure out how the toys would get there.

It was the mystery of the traveling toys until, finally, they solved the puzzle. Lo and behold, Batman was caught red-handed by the security camera with a toy in his mouth.

Batman’s human sister outgrew her toys, and Batman inherited them. The feline started to bring toys upstairs, about two a night. His mom would wake up in the morning to find toys beside her bed.

Batman is particular about his toys; like any playful child, he has favorites. All the toys Batman likes to play with seem to have faces. The feisty feline is also intelligent at bringing the toys back downstairs to his mom when she stays up late.

Batman goes to a lot of trouble to pick his toys, and his mom likes to let them collect in her room to show the adorable Munchkin how much she appreciates all the gifts.

Batman and the other cats may not always get along, but it is all in good fun. He likes to bat at the other cat’s tails. He is the Munchkin cat with a fun and spunky personality, as he is swift and the hardest kitty in the home to catch. His family loves him very much, as they feel fortunate to have him in the family.

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