He’s Embarrased. Because of His Ugly Bօdy,..He Dօesn’t Dare tօ Lօօk at Anyօne

He’s Embarrassed Because of His Ugly Body, He Doesn’t Dare to Look at Anyone

Luna has been abandoned on the streets because of malnutrition and weakness .Lina ‘s head had a wound, her hind legs could not stand up .

Luna is exhausted from human abuse, but she longs to live.

She had an X-ray and untrasound scan .

Luna has many diseases : liver , intestinal, kidney. her head also has a lot of mucus. Currently , Luna will stay in Vet , after her lealth wtabilizes

Luna have surgery .

We messaged her , helping her legs recover soon . After many days Luna eats a lot .

She is a very friendly and cute little puppy .

Luna has made a great recovery.

She gained weight….. super beautiful .

Now she is in better conditions

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