He experienced horror, not even a piece of wool was left on him! But one day his fate changed!

When this little dog was found on the street, there was not a shred of fur on it, and its ears were covered with scabs, writes androdass

The baby was shaking cold and fear.just look at what she has become in six months . his fate changed in one day when zoo volunteers found the puppy and decided to take care of a representative of a rare breed. He was given the name Dobby, after the house elf from Harry .

it seemed to the rescuers that the Chivini had the same touching look of huge eyes and of course the same huge , ears. this meeting changed the life of the little Dobby in the same way as the life of his namesake changed the meeting with the famous wizard. Shelter staff found the dog on the streets of Texas – despite the warm autumn weather, he was shivering from the cold.

There was ,ot a singe hair on him, his skin was inflamed, and his ears were covered with scarbs . Veterinatians quickly figured out that the cause of the dog’s terrible condition was demodicosis , a king of non-contagious scarbies.

The disease is carried by ticks that are transmitted to the puppy from his mother , insects cause itching and baldness. The meanest feature of this diseaseis its latent course. it may not appear at all in a dog in the family – strong immunity will keep the disease in check .

Even if an exacerbation occurs, it disappears in a couple of weeks with symptomatic treatment. but stress, reduced immunity, poor nutrition and you get a seriously ill, balding dog that is difficult to help. that was the fate that would have awaited Dobby if he had not fallen into good hands in time .

Fortunately, the veterinarians and volunteers at the shelter knew what to do . The dog was on the mend, but he still did not look very attractive , although the first hairs had already begu, to break through the darkened skin . Despite the strange appearance ( or maybe it was she who touched the girl) , Dobby found a new mistress, Briley .

The dog and his new owner habe beel together for six months . During this time , Doppy got stronger and completely covered with hair even white spots on his chest became visible .

He is healthy and absolutely happy . He seems to be smilling all the time . and he will never have to freeze again . only the famous model dog with Elvis haircut can evy his wardrobe of vests and horseshoes .

He deserve to be happy .

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