Great Dane decides that the older woman he meets on a hike is now his grandma

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Why is spending time in nature so wonderful? You can get some exercise, meet some new friends, see some beautiful scenery, and cuddle up with some cute animals. Hikers Alyssa Berkovitz and Kernel, their Great Dane, enjoy nothing more than spending a few hours in the woods with their dear Grandma Wanda, whom they met while out on a walk. Maybe you’ll be prompted to put on your hiking shoes after perusing their thrilling escapades.

Kernel the Great Dane’s owner, Alyssa Berkovitz, also started a local programme for dogs to walk without leashes. While out for a stroll, her cheerful giant met some interesting new pals. An elderly couple were amused by Kernel’s size as they laughed at his antics on the peaceful hiking track, which sparked Berkovitz’s interest in the narrative. It didn’t take long for “New Grandma” and her late husband, Cal, to develop an immediate bond with the dog Kernel.

Even before she got Kernel, Alyssa spent a lot of time indoors, hating nature and her desk job. We sit like shrimps and then whine about our backs; it happens to a lot of people. The young woman felt that getting a puppy would help her prevent health problems and provide her with daily top-tier snuggles.

They hit it off right away and began exploring trails together anytime Alyssa had some downtime and wanted to get away from her electronics. Nursery wasn’t the ideal setting for Kernel, either, and Alyssa had high hopes for her doggy friend. She was motivated to create a dog-walking programme so that our pets may receive sufficient exercise and mental challenges.
Unfortunately, Cal’s spouse passed away not long after they became friends with Kernel.

Fearless Wanda set out on treks in the hopes of seeing her friend Kernel and remembering the lovely walks she had enjoyed with her adored husband. She was thrilled when she finally found the pack and told them she had been searching for them.

Having a 100-pound buddy that can gently nudge Grandma when she needs more love is a blessing. You can help those you know who are grieving, even though not everyone gets Kernie hugs. Sit quietly and listen as they talk about their struggles and triumphs. Being held hand and told “I’m here for you” can be a lifeline while you’re grieving, even if it’s a terrible emotion that we naturally try to avoid.

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