Giraffes join guests for breakfast at this hotel(VIDEO)

A pair of adorable giraffes poked their heads in through the window in the breakfast room at the Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The restaurant is costly and hoity-toity, but the curious giraffes more than make up for the steep cost of the meal. They want to know what is for breakfast! Giraffes are majestic creatures.

The giraffe’s elegant legs alone are taller than any human on earth, and these giraffes are towering with their long legs and necks. They even have very long tongues and exquisitely long eyelashes. Seeing them so close must be awesome. Imagine eating your hundred-dollar omelet in the restaurant and two giraffes poking their heads through the window and ogling your food.

If you go to this restaurant, you must realize what you are getting yourself into, as giraffes must be all over the land. Wonder what these giraffes think of all the art in the place, with their pattern on the plates and pictures of their friends or family on the wall. Seeing the giraffe staring intently at the plate on the table is so funny.

The giraffes are obviously after a tasty morsel, as they are looking all around the restaurant. People continue their conversations like it is just another day, as they must always come in contact with these beautiful creatures. It must be so much fun getting up close and personal with them. Watch this video if you want a moment of sheer entertainment, and if you love giraffes, even better!

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