Funny otter steals the spotlight with new ‘bread-toy’ business venture

Otters are fascinating creatures that have captured the hearts of many people worldwide. While keeping otters as pets is illegal in most countries, their cuteness and mischievous nature have made them incredibly popular. Thanks to Japan, otters have become a craze, and two otters, Kotaro (male) and Hana (female), have stolen the spotlight.

Kotaro and Hana were both born in Japan and have become beloved figures in the otter-loving community. However, owning an otter as a pet requires much work and preparation. For those who cannot have an otter of their own, following the adventures of Kotaro and Hana has become a source of joy. Their owner has created a social media profile called “KOTSTUMET,” where he shares their day-to-day activities.

In a recent video clip shared by the owner, the adorable Hana has once again captured viewers’ hearts with her irresistible cuteness. Hana has a deep affection for squishy bread toys. The fluffy orange toy bread is her absolute favorite thing.

And this lovable otter is fiercely possessive of her bread toy, unwilling to part with it for anyone, not even her devoted owner. So the owner is overjoyed to find Hana playing with her beloved bread toy, as she happily engages with it for hours.

Interestingly, Hana even takes her beloved bread toy with her when she swims with Kotaro. Although she stopped playing with it as she grew up, she has recently rediscovered her fondness for it. Hana seems to have no interest in real bread and instead focuses on her toy bread.

Hana has also developed a preference for chicken over bread. Her owner thinks she has even started her bread delivery service (indicating she brings the toy to her owner but does not want him to take it). However, she gets angry if anyone tries to take it away. Witnessing her determination to protect her beloved squishy bread is adorable and hilarious.

Cute and adorable otters like Kotaro and Hana bring joy and laughter to people’s lives. Their playful nature and unique preferences, such as Hana’s obsession with squishy bread, make them incredibly endearing.

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