Former foster kitten Duffy was pregnant and anxious when she was about to give birth to her first. But like most mama cats, she made the most of it when her five babies were born.

Sweet former foster kitten Duffy

The sound of happiness. Brought to you by mama kitten Duffy and the D’s

Is there a better sound than a mama cat purring while she’s feeding her babies? It’s definitely up there as one of my favourites.

Sweet former foster kitten Duffy was pregnant and anxious when she first arrived. But like most mama cats she made the best of it when her five new babies arrived.

Mama kitten purr and give off pheromones to help their babies feel safe and calm. It doesn’t always seem to stop the feeding time squabbles but I guess it must help.

And it’s always lovely to see how content mama looks when everyone settles down for a feed 🥰

Happy whiskers Wednesday furends. Hope you like kitten Duffy’s happy sound as much as I do 😽💝 @nxxbliss.fosters said.

When mama’s cuddles make everything better 🥰

I love watching mama cats with their new born kittens as it’s always so cute seeing mama trying to encourage her babies closer so she can persuade them to feed.

There’s always quite a ritual before feeding time to wake everyone up, or round them up if they’re older, so they’re ready to feed together.

It does mean that mama cats will sometimes get everyone ready to feed and then wander off for a while before coming back to settle in to feed once she thinks everyone is ready.

As a technique the more food focused kitties hate it as they’re always ready to feed but mama knows best 😸

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